Scottsdale Endodontics, PC in Scottsdale AZ
Scottsdale Endodontics, PC in Scottsdale AZ

Our standards for infection control meet or exceed the ADA, CDC , and OSHA guidelines. We employ four critical steps to insure your safety:

1 . We use a self-contained water system. Only distilled water enters the dental water lines in the office. This purified water is used for rinsing during treatment, sterilizing, and clean up.

2 . Sterilizing instruments is done with cavicide, ultrasonic vibration and autoclave technology. After sterilization of instruments, they are stored in sealed packages before use for each patient.

3 . Disposable barriers are changed between each patient. Gloves, masks, and eye protection for all staff is required.

4 . We disinfect all surfaces of our operatories before each patient’s visit by using an OSHA approved cleaner that will protect you from airborne infections.

Our commitment to you is to provide state of the art endodontic care while maintaining strict infection control protocol.